An active strategy that owns small cap, dividend-paying US companies with strong growth potential, higher quality, and lower valuation.


An experienced portfolio management team supported by analysts come together to provide 70+ years of combined experience

Distinctive investment approach focused on dividend-paying companies with good growth, higher quality, and lower valuation.

OSCV has the potential to improve diversification for your entire portfolio.

Fund Performance

as of 05/31/2024
as 03/31/2024
NAV % Market % NAV % Market %
1 Month 2.79 2.8 4.04 4
3 Month 0.72 0.73 7.45 7.43
1 Year 18.09 18.14 17.35 17.39
3 Year 3.04 3.02 5.46 5.34
5 Year 9.53 9.55 9.9 9.9
YTD 4.03 4.06 7.45 7.43
Since Inception 51.63 51.78 56.63 56.71
Since Inception Annualized 7.35 7.37 8.18 8.19

Premium Discount Disclaimer

* The following Frequency Distribution of Premiums and Discounts chart is provided to show the frequency at which the closing price of the Fund was at a premium (above) or discount (below) to their daily net asset value (NAV). The chart represents past performance and cannot be used to predict future results. Shareholders may pay more than NAV when buying Fund shares and receive less than NAV when those shares are sold because shares are bought and sold at current market prices.

Cumulative return is the aggregate amount that an investment has gained or lost over time. Annualized Return is the average return gained or lost by an investment each year over a given time period. Performance is annualized for periods greater than 1 year.

Performance quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, so you may have a gain or loss when shares are sold. Current performance may be higher or lower than that quoted. Short-term performance in particular is not a good indication of the fund’s future performance and an investment should not be made solely on returns.

Market Price: The current price at which shares are bought and sold. Market returns are based upon the last trade price.

NAV: The dollar value of a single share, based on the value of the underlying assets of the fund minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. Calculated at the end of each business day.

Fund Distributions

OSCV12/29/2112/30/2112/31/21$0.06 $0.12

This fund is expected to pay at least one more distribution before year end. The figures represent estimates and are subject to change based on portfolio, market, and shareholder activity and tax adjustments. Actual distributions will be based on shares outstanding as of the record date. The net asset value of a fund with a distribution will drop on the ex-date by the amount of the distribution. Keep in mind that market conditions, portfolio changes and/or changes in outstanding fund shares could affect these estimates substantially. This information is NOT FINAL and is subject to change until the ex-dividend date. All data subject to change. Actual distributions will be posted on the site after each fund’s ex-dividend date. Aptus does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Any tax statements contained herein were not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding U.S., federal, state or local tax penalties. Clients should consult their advisor as to any tax, accounting or legal statements made herein. Specific questions regarding your clients’ personal income tax situation should be referred to a tax advisor.

OSCV Fund Holdings

Current as of 06/12/2024

Stock TickerCusipSecurity DescSharesPriceMarket ValueWeightingsEffective Date
ACA039653100Arcosa Inc63,521.0084.965,396,744.161.69%06/13/2024
ADC008492100Agree Realty Corp44,402.0060.222,673,888.440.84%06/13/2024
AMH02665T306American Homes 4 Rent83,393.0035.282,942,105.040.92%06/13/2024
APLE03784Y200Apple Hospitality REIT Inc148,743.0014.692,185,034.670.68%06/13/2024
ASH044186104Ashland Inc37,184.00100.133,723,233.921.16%06/13/2024
ATR038336103AptarGroup Inc30,561.00145.834,456,710.631.39%06/13/2024
BRKR116794108Bruker Corp33,931.0066.212,246,571.510.70%06/13/2024
BYD103304101Boyd Gaming Corp58,231.0054.443,170,095.640.99%06/13/2024
CASY147528103Casey's General Stores Inc23,926.00381.139,118,916.382.85%06/13/2024
CHE16359R103Chemed Corp13,073.00541.267,075,891.982.21%06/13/2024
CHRD674215207Chord Energy Corp38,500.00171.326,595,820.002.06%06/13/2024
CIVI17888H103Civitas Resources Inc48,956.0067.553,306,977.801.03%06/13/2024
CODI20451Q104Compass Diversified Holdings227,282.0022.905,204,757.801.63%06/13/2024
CPAP31076105Copa Holdings SA31,936.0096.333,076,394.880.96%06/13/2024
CW231561101Curtiss-Wright Corp17,840.00271.004,834,640.001.51%06/13/2024
CWT130788102California Water Service Group86,591.0047.774,136,452.071.29%06/13/2024
DOXG02602103Amdocs Ltd30,345.0076.402,318,358.000.72%06/13/2024
EFSC293712105Enterprise Financial Services Corp99,909.0038.743,870,474.661.21%06/13/2024
EGP277276101EastGroup Properties Inc26,740.00167.384,475,741.201.40%06/13/2024
EHC29261A100ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORP61,109.0085.385,217,486.421.63%06/13/2024
ENSG29358P101Ensign Group Inc/The76,225.00120.489,183,588.002.87%06/13/2024
EPRT29670E107Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc149,114.0027.564,109,581.841.28%06/13/2024
EVTC30040P103EVERTEC Inc86,424.0033.602,903,846.400.91%06/13/2024
FCPT35086T109Four Corners Property Trust Inc84,732.0024.292,058,140.280.64%06/13/2024
FELE353514102Franklin Electric Co Inc23,421.0098.182,299,473.780.72%06/13/2024
FIX199908104Comfort Systems USA Inc17,939.00318.775,718,415.031.79%06/13/2024
GABC373865104German American Bancorp Inc106,362.0032.663,473,782.921.09%06/13/2024
GGG384109104Graco Inc44,426.0081.073,601,615.821.13%06/13/2024
GNTX371901109Gentex Corp134,418.0034.504,637,421.001.45%06/13/2024
GPK388689101Graphic Packaging Holding Co125,980.0028.103,540,038.001.11%06/13/2024
HCKT404609109Hackett Group Inc/The151,330.0022.093,342,879.701.04%06/13/2024
HIFS433323102Hingham Institution For Savings The14,449.00170.902,469,334.100.77%06/13/2024
HOMB436893200Home BancShares Inc/AR146,979.0023.173,405,503.431.06%06/13/2024
HP423452101Helmerich & Payne Inc113,741.0035.234,007,095.431.25%06/13/2024
HWKN420261109Hawkins Inc51,137.0088.854,543,522.451.42%06/13/2024
ICFI44925C103ICF International Inc39,426.00143.365,652,111.361.77%06/13/2024
KAI48282T104Kadant Inc20,013.00288.305,769,747.901.80%06/13/2024
KBH48666K109KB Home114,775.0069.317,955,055.252.49%06/13/2024
KFRC493732101Kforce Inc73,688.0061.554,535,496.401.42%06/13/2024
KMPR488401100Kemper Corp48,681.0058.232,834,694.630.89%06/13/2024
KRP49435R102Kimbell Royalty Partners LP193,140.0016.893,262,134.601.02%06/13/2024
LADR505743104Ladder Capital Corp289,812.0011.043,199,524.481.00%06/13/2024
LECO533900106Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc16,734.00189.583,172,431.720.99%06/13/2024
LKFN511656100Lakeland Financial Corp64,013.0061.663,947,041.581.23%06/13/2024
LSTR515098101Landstar System Inc20,378.00182.893,726,932.421.16%06/13/2024
MSM553530106MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc30,094.0085.202,564,008.800.80%06/13/2024
MUSA626755102Murphy USA Inc10,149.00473.974,810,321.531.50%06/13/2024
NJR646025106New Jersey Resources Corp77,960.0042.593,320,316.401.04%06/13/2024
NOG665531307Northern Oil & Gas Inc160,669.0038.066,115,062.141.91%06/13/2024
NSA637870106National Storage Affiliates Trust60,794.0040.242,446,350.560.76%06/13/2024
OC690742101Owens Corning36,513.00181.396,623,093.072.07%06/13/2024
OSBC680277100Old Second Bancorp Inc243,477.0014.133,440,330.011.07%06/13/2024
OTTR689648103Otter Tail Corp54,972.0088.004,837,536.001.51%06/13/2024
POOL73278L105Pool Corp10,075.00346.733,493,304.751.09%06/13/2024
PRI74164M108Primerica Inc24,900.00223.335,560,917.001.74%06/13/2024
RICK74934Q108RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc50,704.0045.032,283,201.120.71%06/13/2024
SBCF811707801Seacoast Banking Corp of Florida176,490.0023.174,089,273.301.28%06/13/2024
SCI817565104Service Corp International/US42,775.0072.103,084,077.500.96%06/13/2024
SPNSG7T16G103Sapiens International Corp NV136,169.0033.954,622,937.551.44%06/13/2024
STR82983N108Sitio Royalties Corp182,780.0023.504,295,330.001.34%06/13/2024
SYBT861025104Stock Yards Bancorp Inc76,052.0048.103,658,101.201.14%06/13/2024
THG410867105Hanover Insurance Group Inc/The42,803.00124.365,322,981.081.66%06/13/2024
TRNO88146M101Terreno Realty Corp52,271.0058.323,048,444.720.95%06/13/2024
TTEK88162G103Tetra Tech Inc36,278.00213.087,730,116.242.42%06/13/2024
TXRH882681109Texas Roadhouse Inc46,388.00171.717,965,283.482.49%06/13/2024
UFPI90278Q108UFP Industries Inc49,800.00117.545,853,492.001.83%06/13/2024
VAC57164Y107Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp22,775.0089.592,040,412.250.64%06/13/2024
VNOM927959106Viper Energy Inc218,513.0038.198,345,011.472.61%06/13/2024
VVV92047W101Valvoline Inc173,900.0041.727,255,108.002.27%06/13/2024
WASH940610108Washington Trust Bancorp Inc88,138.0025.972,288,943.860.72%06/13/2024
WTBA95123P106West BanCorp Inc195,732.0017.103,346,038.541.05%06/13/2024
Cash&OtherCash&OtherCash & Other12,219,844.211.0012,219,844.213.82%06/13/2024

Fund holdings are subject to change and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security.

Fund Prices

Current as of 06/12/2024

Fund Name Fund Ticker CUSIP Net Assets Shares Outstanding NAV NAV Change Dollars NAV Change Percentage Market Price Market Price Change Dollars Market Price Change Percentage Premium/Discount Rate Date Median 30 Day Spread Percentage
Opus Small Cap Value ETF OSCV 26922A446 320,040,866.19 9,250,000.00 34.60 0.60 1.76 34.61 0.61 1.79 0.03 06/12/2024 0.06


Fund Details

Current as of 06/12/2024

Fund Ticker OSCV
Fund Name Opus Small Cap Value ETF
Primary Exchange Cboe
CUSIP 26922A446
ISIN US26922A4461
Net Assets 320,040,866.19
Expense Ratio 0.79%
30 Day Median Bid- Ask % 0.06
Inception Date 07/17/2018
Shares Outstanding 9,250,000.00
Distributor Quasar Distributors
Advisor Aptus Capital Advisors